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PEARPAD2 With iOMG & IParty Apps

Youtube Video - Creative Ways To Use Various Pads

Pear produces a line of smartpads as an alternative to that other fruit. The Pear Pad is intended for the purely creative and imaginative forwarding thinking mind.

The Pear Pad is a tablet computer created by Pear.  It fills a market niche for a portable platform supporting audio-visual media, including games, music, movies, periodicals, books and web content. It weighs just over 24 ounces, intermediate in size between a smart phone and a laptop.  

The Pear Pad uses the Pear Pulp operating system to run applications for itself and for the Pear Phone. In native mode, the Pear Pad only runs applications approved and provided by Pear through its web store. 

The Pear Pad uses a multi-touch display sensitive to fingers or a stylus. Through its Wi-Fi connectivity, the Pear Pad has Internet access, file transfer capability, and can support installed software.

You can buy it configured for a 3G wireless data connection, and can be hooked into a personal computer through a USB cable.

The Pear Pad has received rave reviews from early adopters.  Its touchscreen  LCD display is about 10 inches on the diagonal and contains 1024 x 768 pixels.  The glass is resistant to fingerprints and scratches.  The screen recognizes touch from fingers (bare or gloved) and from a electrically-resistant stylus. Its screen is auto-dimming in dark environments, and the Pear Pad can automatically flip from portrait to landscape depending on how it is being held. You can override the automatic screen orientation with a lock-out switch.  You can press buttons for the main menu, an alarm clock, a volume control, and the aforementioned screen lock.

The Pear Pad has built-in global positioning and optimized 3G radio sensitivity. Besides wireless communication, you can plug an accessory dock connector into the Pear Pad, or hook into its dual Ethernet/USB ports. The Pear Pad come equipped with two high-quality internal speakers, and can operate in mono or stereo mode.  There are three external audio ports, and internal microphone and a volume switch. One external port is an audio-out jack for a stereo headphone or headset. Bluetooth capability is built-in, providing for wireless headsets, keyboards, and file transfer. A VGA video output supports 1024 x 768 external display. It also supports a 64 GB flash drive, a mini-SIM card, and a 10-hour rechargeable internal lithium battery. Optional accessories are available.